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You Deserve LOVE

I was utterly depressed and heartbroken after a breakup. And I learned how to move on with my life and be truly happy again— and so can you!

Find Inner Peace

You’ll see how to get yourself to a good feeling place— no matter how bad you feel right now.

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Get the Heart Healing info you need! You’ll never have to go through the hard times alone.

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Get useful worksheets and meditation inside our support group that will help you stay on track to heal your heart.

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Are You Ready To Get Over Heartbreak? I'm here to help! 

I'm Dina Colada, and I want to share the secret sauce that helped me finally heal my heart after a devastating heartbreak.  You can get some of the tools for free in our support group. You're invited to join! 

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You can let go... release the tears... and let love flow... 

Want to get started with some introspection? You can get a copy of my heart healing workbook here that will help you dissolve negative thoughts that keep you feeling stuck... 

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We'll be posting new articles weekly to help support you after a breakup or divorce! 

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Visit our Soul Sister Site— Life Dating Love! Here you'll find articles about dating, relationships and of course... love! 

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Want love? Learn how to love yourself to the max and attract love that lasts! Get easy to read books that will change your life! 

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What can you expect working with Dina as a heartbreak, love, or dating coach?

Dina Colada is a love coach and is all about helping you heal your heart, get over the guy, and attract bigger love than you can even imagine! She can help you reach your relationship goals with one-on-one private love coaching sessions. 

Easy Meditation Techniques

Tune-up your body, mind, and soul and get ready for LOVE!

Energy Healing

Every person is different so Dina will put together a coaching program that is catered to you! 

Emotional Support

Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on and Dina's got your back! You can join her free Heart Healing Project group or private coaching sessions. 

Book an Energetic Love Coaching Sesh!

$497~ 60 minute session for first time clients

I offer discount packages to the right peeps who are ready, willing, and able!

  • We'll Work On Whatever Love Problems You Need Help With! 
  • Release Stagnant Energetic Blocks That Make You Stay Stuck In The Past
  • Centering Meditations That'll Amp Up Your Heart Energy To The Moon And Beyond!  
  • Unlimited Access To Some Energetic Love Mojo 24/7! 
Dissolve Bad Habits & Attract LOVE!

Love Coaching with Dina means... You don't have to do it alone! 


With a 1 on 1 session with me... it means I'll have time to focus channeled DIVINE energy to you and only you! It's your turn to heal your heart so you can release blocks and get the love you desire!

You can heal your heart (even if you don't think it's possible!)


No matter how you feel right now... you can feel better. And I can help. Getting over heartbreak is hard to do alone and now you don't have to. 

Book A 60 Minute Love Coaching Session

Don't miss out on LOVE!

Get the breakup toolkit here and get your invite to our private heartbreak group!... please oh please sign up today!