“That’s NEVER going to happen,”

He said. His voice sounded so cold it sent shivers down my spine.

His voice whispered naughty words in my ear, and moaned with ecstasy just the night before. 

His voice had filled my body with gripping the sheets passion like I had never imagined possible. I had never felt anything so delicious.

Now his voice completely took over my body with gut-wrenching fear.


My heart started racing and my lungs stopped functioning. I couldn’t move one single muscle.

And I didn’t know why. He just said one sentence.
The fiery whirlwind romance I had with Mr. Handsome went burning down in flames and turned to ashes . . .
In an instant.
A few simple words he said triggered me and destroyed my world. They did something to my body that I didn’t understand. I was staring into the eyes of a ravenous wolf (the love of my life), and I was the terrified bunny frozen with fear.
He grabbed his pants and ran out the door before I could utter one single word.
He was gone.
Just like that.
This man was all I had talked about with my friends and family for more than a month. This man. This one man had taken over my world and my heart.
We had spent the last few months sending flirty text messages, sharing intimate phone calls late into the night and romantic dinners and passionate make-out sessions.
All of our dates lasted until dawn. Neither of of slept. Neither of us wanted to. We couldn’t get enough of each other.
I thought he was the one. I knew he was the one.
This one man. The man I thought was perfect for me. The man I thought I would be with forever.
At least that was what I imagined.
“I’m smitten with YOU,” he said at our first brunch date over delicious eggs benedict and mimosas. And our budding relationship was more delicious than anything I have EVER tasted, and seemed to get better and better and better...
Until that devastating moment I heard the words...
“That’s never going to happen,”
And what I never expected to happen... happened.

Our relationship was over.

And it wasn’t like I was asking him to marry me.

I invited him to my best friend’s wedding. I thought he would want to come.

I had 2 choices.

1. I could remain a hermit eating up any of my savings because of my landslide depression, never get out of bed in the morning, and go on welfare so me and my son could taken care of by the government... OR...

2. I could take the second path and look for a way to feel better. I couldn't just give up.

And I was so sick of feeling so terrible about myself, and my lack of love I decided I had to do something.
I began my journey. I began searching. I took the road that I thought would help me feel better.
Then after all my searching for something that would actually help me feel better...

I found happiness, but it took years.

I finally connected the dots and found things that actually worked, and made me feel better. Lovable even.

You can make a few simple shifts. And with these small rituals...

  • You will eliminate devastating depression.
  • You will stop complaining and see the gems in life.
  • The mean things inside your head dissapear.
  • And you will learn how to open your heart (It's so easy!), and trust men again.
I felt the pain of those words in the center of my heart. The thoughts and feelings became encoded in my brain and in my nervous system. I began to feel as if nothing good was ever going to happen to me. And I would never find love again. It was a vicious cycle.
I thought about these words constantly, for years and didn’t understand why. I thought it was just because I loved him.
I didn’t understand how one simple phrase could hurt me for what seemed like eternity.
His words stayed stuck.
Frozen. Inside my brain.
Psychologists knew about this kind of stuff, but I certainly didn’t.
And I’m not the only one person on the planet who has had the excruciating pain of being rejected.
In fact, it has happened to pretty much every person you’ve ever met.
When things get stuck in your brain (and some of them do) I call them Locked Memories.

And when these Locked Memories get embeded in your brain they can make your life a living Hell.

My name is Dina Colada and this is my story.

I was an aspiring dating and relationship coach. I was slowly building my busines AND I was the one who was supposed to know how to deal with all of this relationship stuff.

It’s what I had been getting ready for...

But instead, I was frozen solid like a scared little girl left alone in the dark not knowing what to say, what to do, or how to feel.

Have you ever felt like something a man (or someone else), did or said would destroy you?

Have you ever felt like your reactions were not even you?

Have you ever been “emotionally triggered” by getting stood up?

Have you ever been cheated on by a man?

Have you ever had bad dreams about losing him?

Have you ever had panic attacks because of a fight with your boyfriend?

Have you ever had thoughts of being alone for eternity?

Have you ever been afraid of being single because your clock is ticking?

Have you ever had feelings of being out of control?

Have you ever been frozen with fear?

Have you ever had flashbacks of the one that got away?

Have you ever avoided certain situations?

Have you ever felt not good enough?

Have you had anxiety about the future?

If any of these have EVER happened to you... I BEG you to keep reading.

PLEASE turn off your cell phone, and Facebook or any other distractions so you can put your entire focus on what I have to share with you.
Especially if you have ever felt unlovable, or not good enough for love.
What you are about to learn will change your life forever, and will show you how to heal the devastating scars on your heart.
I’m going to go back to those words, because that is what happened to me day in and day out...
“That’s never going to happen,”
To me that meant Love is never going to happen...
Those words became frozen in time. . .


A few simple words frozen in your mind and can make you feel like you are not feel worthy of love.

And there are Locked Memories that can make you think you aren’t good enough to have something that feels so good.

And these kinds of Locked Memories affect not just your brain, they also affect your body biochemically.

Having your brain stuck in the past (and not even being aware it), can make you feel like you did something very wrong.

When in fact, you haven’t. It’s these old experiences in your brain that make you feel like you are to blame.

It didn’t make sense to me at first...

How could something that happened 5-10-20 or more years ago still be affecting you today?

Memories from your past can unravel you if they are not fully processed.

They bring you straight back to the way you felt in the past. They contain the same emotions, physical sensations, reactions, and the thoughts and feelings can become amplified by every similar experience... like being rejected, talked down to, or even the way someone looks at you.

The ghosts of the past can haunt and torture you. Locked Memories can make you feel...

  • Shameful.
    Out of control
    And unlovable.

And when it comes to dating and relationships, and we start to let our guard down, our stuff comes up.

And when it comes up, it’s time to take a look at what is going on, so we begin to heal it.

And now, when these feelings and thoughts from the past come up, it can make you over-analyze everything, and beat yourself up, or blame the other person.

You might image what you said “wrong”. Then imagined saying something different. Something better.

Something perfect.

Why weren’t things working out for you now? Did you read too many books and get REALLY confused?

Do you feel like you did everything wrong your entire life with men? And you tried so hard?

You are such a good person... and yet nothing ever worked out?
Have you read too many books and magazines, and blogs about romance, players, and dating and relationships?

Did you take horrible advice from well meaning family and friends?
Are you confused by all of this terrible information?

I felt like I had been wrong for following a book that said I must have very specific step by step make out sessions every week, and absolutely no sex until the third month...

Even though my heart told me otherwise?

Had I screwed up the perfect formula, because I went a little too far too soon, and ruined everything?

Then I wondered if he would still be there if I had slept with him like he pleaded?

I thought he loved me and we would be together forever and he would wait as long as I needed, even three whole months, just like the book said.

What happened just wasn’t fair.
How could he do this to me? His soul mate?
What was wrong with me?
Wasn’t I good enough?
Lovable enough?
Pretty enough?

These current Locked Memories and thoughts would not go away and become best friends with my more current memories that were also on Lockdown.

They linked together and these neural connections made them even more powerful. More Scary. More Traumatizing.

They made me think terrible thoughts.

About Him.
And Us.
About Me.
Especially Me.

The trauma and obsessing about the past stuck with me through my every waking minute of every day.
And it wasn’t just the thoughts that were hurting me, my body felt terrible and the feelings would make a negative feedback loop between my brain and my body.

t was a vicious cycle that took over my life. It was a horrendous way to live.

I felt like I was having a heart attack and needed to go to the hospital, but I couldn’t move. I was frozen like a scared bunny, again and instead of doing something about it, or deep breathing or calling a friend or an ambulance I sat there in fear.

Frozen in time that seemed to last for hours.

Then it happened again. And again. And again.

I felt so terrible about me, my obsession, and pining away from a man who didn’t love me, locking myself up for months and barely functioning in society...

And after all this searching, one simple thing I started doing every day...

Made EVERYTHING change in an instant.

I felt like a new, improved and even sexier version of myself and I started feeling better and better and better.

And it all started with understanding my my insides so I could imagine what I wanted my life to be like on the outside.


I strarted tapping into a good Unlocked Memory I had gotten from my super psychic grandmother when I was only 10 years old. It’s called “The Golden Magic Circle.”

Amazing things began arising so quickly I couldn’t keep up!

The Locked Memories that keep you frozen where you don’t want to be are trapped in your brain too, and can be released so you can heal the pain in your heart...

And all you really need to do is put on your headphones and let your mind go.

Scientific research shows most of our bad reactions, like feeling scared, out of control, frozen or angry, happen because of only 10-20 Locked Memories.
These kinds of memories get stored in your brain like a stack of pancakes. They layer on top of each other... and can grow exponentially in the neural networking inside your brain.
And these Nasty Neural Stacks keep you stuck in old patterns that make you say things like, “You NEVER listen to me!” or “You NEVER call when you say you’re going to!” or not saying ANYTHING at all and end up becoming a sounding board if there IS an argument with a man.
Here’s an example of the Nasty Neural Stack
When I was five years old, I got whipped with a wooden spoon and didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t get a chance to explain myself, and this memory and the feelings that went along with it triggered a nasty cocktail of chemicals cascading through my entire body. I was stricken with fear.
You’ve probably heard of the flight, fight or freeze reaction.
We’ve all experienced one or more of these in one way or another.
And im many moments I felt freeze. I was the scared little bunny.
This is what happens when you feel like you are not in control: your breathing gets shallow and speeds up. Your heart starts to race, and you feel unable to defend yourself.
So I ended up having issues with any type of authority figure until much later in life well into my 30s and 40s, because of this ONE spanking incident was stuck. I was fired from so many jobs, I lost count because of my issues with authority.

It was me or them.

When someone told me what to do I would freeze in my earlier yeas, than I was a little older, I learned to fight because I got tired of feeling beat up.

Not being in charge to me felt like death.

And I finally got over it, and so can you.
These kinds of Locked Memories team up with the Ugly Little Monster voice in your head (you know what I’m talking about), and make you think terrible things and react in a way that ISN'T you.

And the thing about the Ugly Little Monster and what it says, it isn’t even your words... 

The Ugly Little Monster says words from someone else that got Locked in your brain.
This Ugly Little Monster can play the same things over and over inside your mind. The Ugly Little Monster is NOT your friend.

It says things like:

  • You’re so stupid you’ll never amount to anything.
  • If you would lose some weight men would find you attractive.
  • You shouldn’t have said that to Danny. You made him leave.
  • There are no good men left in the world, Dante was the only one for you.
  • All the good men are either married, taken, or live across the country.
  • Nobody will ever love you.
  • Tick tock tick tock.
  • You are destined to be alone forever.
  • You are unlovable.
These kinds of thoughts change your body, and your body starts to feel anxious or triggered, or terrified or livid.
The trauma (even small things that don’t seem traumatic in your life), can still have traumatizing effects in your life.
Your mental programming from the past in your subconscious mind keeps you thinking, doing, being the same things, even if they don’t help you.

In fact, your programming from the past works against you.

And it’s just like riding a bike. Your brain doesn’t have to think about what it says to you, it runs on automatic, and can say nasty things to you in an instant.
The thoughts in your mind can be your frienimy, or they can be your best friend.

Which do you want to choose?

The things your parents, old boyfriends, coaches and teachers taught you get “stuck” and MAKE you react in ways you don’t even realize.

I want to try a little experiment with you and your brain.

This experience will show you the effects of words and how they can affect you.
Take a deep breath and center yourself. I want you to read and say these 2 tiny words and just notice what happens to your body.


What did you notice?
Did your shoulders tighten up? Did you clench your teeth? Did you notice any feeling in your chest, face or stomach?
Did you feel nothing?
Now let’s try it again with another word.
And just pay attention to what happens..

Yes… Yes… Yes… Yes… Yes… Yes… Yes… Yes…Yes…Yes… Yes…Yes…

Do you notice any difference between the two?
Words are powerful and linked in the memory and neural networking in your brain and have a VERY physical influence on your body. Many of you felt a the difference, and some of you didn’t.

When people say to you, “It’s all in your mind,”It is a BIG FAT LIE.

Your thoughts are completely connected with your body, and can make you feel or not feel.

And if you didn’t have any feelings in the yes-no exercise, you may have what I call the Zeus  Complex.

I understand it because I had it.
I went into a landslide depression, and out of desperation blocked off my feelings because it was easier. It stopped the pain. Yet...
I was still obsessed, but at least blocking the feelings didn’t hurt as bad, or so I thought.
Yet I woke up thinking about him. Spend my days obsessing about him, and went to sleep thinking about him.
Wishing he would come back and make ALL the pain go away, and he didn’t come back so I shut down.
And after 4 years of being obsessed with someone who didn’t want me. . . Someone who didn’t LOVE me. . .
I finally figured out about Locked Memories and they don’t have to run your life forever. And I didn’t learn this for other people. I needed help and that was why I was searching the earth for a simple answer to my pain. But there wasn’t one.

There were things to help me make money, flirt, and find a guy and keep him around, but the first step was missing.

Healing my heart first. That was what desperatley needed more than anything in the wolrd. Another man wasn't going to fix the way I felt.

And this terrible recurring pain has a name. But you’ve probably never heard of it.

It’s called PTRD or Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder

You may have heard of PTSD. Commonly known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
It’s something that happens when people are severely abused, have been in a war or have lost their family and everything they own, in a flood or a hurricane.
And you, (like so many other women), have the symptoms of PTRD, and didn’t realize it. You probably didn’t even know you were a candidate for something like this.
Especially if you had a great childhood like I did, and don’t think you have any reason to feel so terrible. You might even feel guilty, about feeling bad.
New research has shown that you can get same kinds of reactions in your body and your mind as someone who has been to war.

And sometimes... love is war.

(Or at least it feels like it).
PTRD can happen to you because of everyday relationship problems with co-workers, your boss, your parents, or even a single sentence from your ex-boyfriend.

You could have PTRD and it’s not your fault.

  • You’re not the only one who has sleepless nights.
  • You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to get out of bed.
  • You’re not the only one who thinks a gluten-free brownie is the only thing that could make you feel better. You’re not the only one who has a racing heart every time you get a text message.

If you have these kinds of negative thoughts and painful feelings that go along with them, you might have PTRD.

I went through PTRD the HARD WAY, because I didn’t even know I had it, and I’m going to show you the EASY WAY to get rid of it.
So you can FINALLY feel better.
I tried everything
My uncle, who was a preacher, would counsel me. I would call him in the middle of the night when I would have panic attacks (which was often).
  • I went to healers.
  • Therapy.
  • Shamans.
  • Life coaches.
  • I became a Reiki Master, and healer.
  • I went to meditation retreats where we weren’t allowed to speak for days.
  • I went to psychics.
  • Self-Help Conferences
  • I meditated for 2 hours a day for 2 years like a Monk who lived in a cave.
  • I went to therapy weekly. Religiously.
And I read hundreds of books on psychology, and brain science, and yoga, and mediation, and communication, men, and women, and relationships, and self-help, and spent thousands of dollars or programs so I could try to figure out what was happening to me.
I was determined to figure it out, no matter the cost. My life depended on it.
All of the things I did were sign posts to where I was supposed to be, to help me figure out... everything.
And all of the training and experiences I had enhanced my life and helped me, but It was so much work and took so much time. I needed something easier.
So, i started compiling everything.
I had done all this work on myself, and I was feeling a little better, but it wasn’t enough.  I did all of this so I could get over the burning pain in my chest. And would stop crying myself to sleep every night.
I spent all this time so I could stop crying every time I saw something that reminded me of him:
His favorite hotel chain, a red car (and there are sooo many of them it is crazy), a fedora (like the one he used to wear, and God they were crawling from underneath couches it seemed), any romance book cover, a national store that would haunt me in my dreams... You get the picture.
I did all this work, out of utter desperation so I could heal the overwhelming pain in my heart that was caused not only by losing him, but the Locked Memories that connectd to our experience, took over my world and ran my life...
Finally, I tied it all together, connected all the dots, and came up with the secret sauce so...

You can heal Your HEART.

And it all starts with one simple thing that you do every second of every day without even thinking about it. By using

The power  of your mind... and your head phones :)

My imagination has been running wild with everything I have learned from spiritualists, teachers, gurus and the people that I teach (who also teach me) and I have combined all of these powerful techniques into one done-for-you method that you can use starting today.
It will help you reprogram your brain and and create love inside of yourself and finally feel relief from the destructive thoughts and feelings that wreak havok on your life.
My pain has led me to my passion... helping you heal your heart.

Your pain is a messenger. And your pain can be released!

My passion is to help you and as many others as possible discover the secrets to dating, relationships, healing from the past and finding EPIC Love using these super simple techniques.
These techniques I’ve discovered are so powerful and work like MAGIC, but are based in pure science.
You will be able to change your brain, heal your heart and your life by simply lying in bed and listening to you headphones.
I know it doesn’t seem like it could even be real.
But it is.
My friends and family knew what a mess I had been for years and they started seeing a major shift in me. I had even considered calling one of my businesses the Hot Mess Express, haha :)
I was FINALLY feeling fulfilled... and lovable and joyful and whole.  All in All I was happier. I was happy 99% of the time. Which is pretty darn good!
My friends wanted to know what I was doing differently.
Random people started friending me on Facebook and asking me to lunch, because they KNEW on a deep level they needed to know what I had discovered.
I had discovered the secrets to living a happy life because my thoughts were no longer deadly poison for my heart.
I started helping people I met on the street and it was like a healing domino effect, or more like an avalanche. Things started to snowball.
I was blogging like a fiend, began working with private clients, got interviewed on syndicated radio, shows, and have been featured on huge dating love and relationship websites and done lots of videos. I was teaching through my articles, and private coaching sessions and have helped thousands of people all over the world about when it comes to love, sex, and healing and relationships. Hundreds of thousands of people were reading the things I had written online. Things I wrote went VIRAL. It was crazy.
Women still email me thanking me for helping them find and marry the love of their life, and others say they can’t thank me enough.
Another client was helped more in ONE short session with me after being in therapy year after year after year. A different person show up for the second session, and didn’t even need a third.
I got so busy with my businesses, friends, and family I knew I had to do something because I was running out of hours in the day.
I didn’t have time to share my discovered secrets one-on-one anymore. I had to make something that could reach the entire globe in an instant.
The Secret Love Mojo Sauce that could reach YOU in less than a minute. I have a vision of hearts being healed together in a supportive community online. This is how things get really powerful and juicy and amazing.
You don’t have to do it alone.
It’s OK to ask for help.
And help is
So I wanted to make it super easy for you to get exactly what you need to heal the pain in your heart. 
You can use these methods in mere minutes (even one minute a day using the Miracle Minute Method) to Heal the Scars on your heart and love again.

It’s so simple its ridiculous!


You will be transformed into a Goddess with the 3 Minute Self-Love Visualization. You will feel more beautiful, sensual, and lovable, than Marilyn Monroe.

You will also learn a super sneaky maneuver that can USE your anxiety to make you relax. I call it the T-R Method. It’s used by Olympic Athletes to help them win GOLD Medals!

Observing Ego Visualization

Allows you to easily eliminate your BRAIN JERK so you can stop being so hard on yourself and start living the life you truly deserve.

I only have time to tell you the name of the Spiral Technique that is used by healers and therapists all over the world that energetically pulls out the drama of your ex our of your body and mind. and your body.

I know your mouth is probably watering at the thought of eliminating any broken hearted feelings you’ve had from the past.
And it has taken me years to gather all of the information here for you. It’s the ONLY DONE FOR YOU Heart-Healing program of its kind available today.
All you have to do is listen to your headphones to get over the devastating pain from your past.

You will also learn about Neuroplasticity (it’s brain science stuff) and how you can use it to help you change your brain to remember good times that will amplify your Love Mojo.

After you learn about Magic Mantras and why they work, your heart will be pulsing with love that magically attracts the right man to come to you.

And instead of waiting for the one that got away to come and your heart will be so warm and fuzzy when you DO meet him, you will be on a level playing field together and that is when more fun and EPIC Love can happen.

  • Stop Pining away after the wrong man.

  • Stop Thinking all men only want sex.

  • Stop Thinking there are no good men left.

  • Stop thinking you are not good enough.

  • Stop Being Stuck.

Imagine feeling stuck where you are… FOREVER.

Then imagine something different…

Imagine NOT being stuck. Being free. Feeling Joy. Feeling Bliss, and Feeling Love!

And instead of waiting for the one that got away to come back your and your heart will be a love magnet for the right man.

Imagine feeling stuck where you are…FOREVER

It’s your turn to do what is right for you. And unleash the heartbreak of the past so you can embrace your sparkly new future. It is your time to know what it truly feels like to be healed and ready for love.

I had a choice...

Now YOU have a choice.

Choice #1

Stay exactly where you are right now, or spend thousands of dollars reading books, taking courses and going to therapy for years trying to figure it all out. All by your lonesome. Struggling. Reading. Searching for hours, days, weeks, or even years. Instead of easily implementing the powerful yet amazingly simple techniques I’ve already put together for you.

Haven’t you been alone without the support you need for long enough?

Choice #2

Or You can consider making a choice that is good for you and your love life:

You can say YES right now...

What would changing your love life forever mean to you... if you had to put a dollar amount on it?

A million dollars?

I know your happiness is worth far more than that.

How about $1,000 to stop feeling the gut-wrenching pain you have felt for 20-30-40 or more years? Some people have spend this much JUST on therapy.

Would you pay $100 to get over the one that got away?

It would be worth it, but I’ve got a big secret I’m going to let you in on. What I’m going to offer you is worth more than you can imagine. Because you feeling better and attracting love is priceless. 



And the best part is that there is NO RISK. There is a 60 day Money-Back-Guarantee The How To Heal Your Heart Program is the ONLY one of its kind in the world today. And if you are not satisfied for any reason you can get a full 100% refund. No questions asked.


You will get not only ALL of the How To Heal Your Heart Techniques I have laid out for you in this amazingly simple program for a value of $47. . .

You will get not only ALL of the How To Heal Your Heart Techniques I have laid out for you in this amazingly simple program for a value of $47. . .

As a gift I will also throw in…

100 Things to Make You Feel Absolutely Fabulous!

This is my list created especially for you, and most of the things listed are free, and will help you on your healing journey.

The Modern Goddess Handbook and Audio

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You deserve LOVE!

The good life is waiting for you.

What are YOU waiting for?



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